Saturday, 11 July 2009

Another Zombie Dream

Yay, I had another zombie dream last night (night of 10th July 2009). Here is what happened...

I was at a gigantic wrestling stadium. Triple H was due to fight, but he couldn't be found, so I offered to pretend to be him and fight this weak guy. No one in the crowd realised I wasn't Triple H, and I did this great submission move on the guy I was fighting which everyone was real impressed with. After the fight Vince McMahn tells me to go to Triple H's dressing room as I would be pretending to be him in the main event.

Backstage is massive, I ask a man to lead me to the wrestlers area. He takes me out to this vast open swamp land. There are lots and lots of people around, real crowded. This scary girl with sharp pointy teeth tells me to follow her and runs off. I run after her, but am moving really slowly, like I'm running in water.

Eventually I arrive at this area of the swampland where there are many shallow dips in the ground. A necromancer is bringing the dead back to life, there faces are like jelly, all thier eyeballs hanging out thier sockets, and rotting runny skin. The girl is there, she reveals shes a zombie as well, and had led me here so that the necromancer would turn me into a zombie. I turn and start running away, she starts screaming her head off, an ear peircing scream. A thunderstorm starts, she curses the sky and says she hates being dead and just wants to be able to breathe again...

Then I awoke. As always was real scary, but I absolutly love zombie dreams! Two in one week. Hopefully this is a return to form for me. Zombies are soo cool!

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