Wednesday, 29 October 2008

Dead Set: Episode 3 (2008) - Zombie Series Review

Wow. So just watched episode 3 of the ace Dead Set. More action than yesterdays slowish paced one.

The plot mostly centres on the Big Brothers contestants trip to the shops. While there two psychotic police officers turn up, plus lots of zombies.

Meanwhile back at the house the bitten fat woman turns into a zombie and kills the cross dresser looking after her. It's up to Joplin and the blond woman to sort out the mess.

The producer and evicted housemate are still trapped in a room, and Davina is still rampaging outside it.

Lastly the boyfriend of the staff member, and his moany woman companion discover via E4's live coverage of Big Brother that there are still other survivors alive.

Another good episode, only two left and it will all be over. I'm not going to be able to see the last episode as I am off to Wolverhampton, will need to work out how to set my video player to record it.

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