Friday, 23 May 2008

Resident Evil 4 Poster

Wow! My Resident Evil 4 poster turned up at my work place today, so I dutifully put it up when I arrived home, pride of place on my upstairs landing. It details at the forefront Leon Kennedy, in the background, the murderous Ganado's.

Here is the Resident Evil 4 title, located appropriately enough at the top of the poster. Also a picture of the Capcom logo, located in the bottom right hand corner;

The left side has a male Ganado armed with axe, and a female Ganado. The right side has some Ganados standing behind the mayor of the Ganado village - Bitores Mendez (on a side note, it's a damn shame they never made a figure of the mayor, he is a great character). The centre is of course the amazing Leon Kennedy.

The poster is good obviously, and a decent size.

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