Saturday, 24 May 2008

Urban Dead - The Diary of a Survivor - Day 1

Urban Dead is according to the website:

"A free-to-play browser-based multi-player game where you play the survivor or victim of a zombie outbreak in a quarantined city centre, alongside tens of thousands of others."

I had much fun playing it last year, I'm still on there as a Zombie, and due to Brain Rot am currently seeking out a Brain Rot Clinic to get turned back to human. Anyway I digress. While playing it I kept a diary of my exploits. Here is part 1 of...the Zombie Diaries

Day 1

Today I awoke from my catatonic state, my name is Edwin Carnaby, a 25 year old rookie cop. I awoke in a Police Station which I did not recognise. I was wearing my uniform, with a flack jacket, and had my pistol holstered, I also had my radio. The station was very crowded, no one saying much, just hiding from the...bodies.

There was a corpse in the room I awoke, not wanting to look at it, I pushed it out the window, bizarrely I felt as if I had gained experience. I had to leave the building, so going outside I headed South. I came across a walking corpse, my god it stank, an over whelming hatred for the pitiful thing overtook me, and I loosed off a volley of 6 shots at it, I was shaking too much to focus, all my shots went wide. To make myself feel better I walked up to it, and punched it square in the face, I felt its nose break under my fist.

I got to a museum, it had 2 other survivors there, I rested there for about 4 hours before heading back out. Remembering 'Shaun of the Dead' I headed for the nearest pub. Another 2 survivors were here, I discovered a mobile phone which I pocketed, but it had no signal. I decided to spend the night at the pub getting drunk. My first real day in the city of the dead...

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