Thursday, 15 May 2008

Introduction - What is a Zombie?

Many people when they think of a Zombie think of Romero's undead slow, stumbling flesh eating creature. This is a fair expectation. But there is a much bigger umbrella under which Zombies reside.

More recently of course have been the running Zombies of films such as the 28 Days, and Dawn of the Dead Remake, but through the years there have been many many types of Zombies. There have been intelligent, demon possessed, mind controlled, living, undead, mad, infected and various other types of Zombie.

Here at The Rotting Zombie you wont find elitism of what we feel constitutes a Zombie. The blog will feature many offshoots of the Zombie genre. Triffids, crazies, demons, ghosts, and aliens will all be discussed, as a big part of the Zombie genre is the feeling of being surrounded by overwhelming odds, rather than just overwhelming bods.

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